IT Financial Management Association

Official Site and Leading Educator of the IT Financial Management Profession

“The quality of a conference is measured more by the kind of person it turns out, rather than the kind it takes in.”
– Terence Quinlan
Director, IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA)
“The jewel to be found in attending ITFMA conferences is not only in the broad-based knowledge exchange during the plentiful sessions, but in the networking opportunities and shared experiences with peers of all stages in their career.”
– Gail Pennington
IS Asset Manager, Raytheon, IIS
“Great conference for those who need to learn about all of the components of IT financial management, and to see how others are dealing with your same situations.”
– John Jarvis
IT Finance Manager, Molina Healthcare
“A great opportunity to network with other ITFMA professionals who live and breathe the same challenges I do everyday.”
– Courtney Griffin
Manager, Atlantic Lottery Corporation
“This was my ninth ITFMA event over 16 years and it is still the gold-star for breadth of material, quality of content, and peer interface.”
– Charles Ulmer
Senior IT Cost & Budget Analyst, Capital Blue Cross
“The place to be for connecting with the IT Financial Management community.”
– Won Cho
IT Chief of Staff, McAfee
“I learned a great deal from the presenters and my peers. A good investment in these economic times.”
– Cory Geis
Manager, State of New York
“Excellent choice of speakers and the chance to share best practices with others really delivers the value of this conference.”
– Chuck Cicora
Manager, Progressive Casualty Insurance
“This conference had many actual examples of ITFM implementations. That was very helpful. The panels of experts were also very informative.”
– Karen Portner
Business Operations Specialist, National Institute of Health
“This conference is a great way to find out exactly what is going on in the world of IT Finance, what people are doing about it, and the projected changes.”
– Paul Robinson Jr.
Managing Partner, The P4 Consulting Group
“One of the best uses of time and financial resources. So much to learn at every session.”
– Patti Harceg
Vice President, Wachovia Corporation
“This is a one-stop shop for getting an overview of the tools, concepts and processes that IT Financial Managers can use to add value to both their IT organization and the business that IT serves.”
– Terri Cull
IT Director, Advance Auto Parts, Inc
“Almost every session provided usable, valuable information in super-concentrated doses. It was hard to select among the equally valuable sessions offered concurrently throughout the event.”
– Anni Efthimiou
Policy & Research Manager, State of Ohio
“All IT managers should be required to attend ITFMA conferences to gain a fresh perspective on the value of IT to their business.”
– Carla Curtis
President, SBB Works, Inc.
"Wonderfully relevant to my work. I only wish I could have attended more sessions as there were many interesting topics presented at competing time slots."
– Louise Sparks
Financial Manager, The Coca-Cola Company
“These workshops have had a huge impact on my career and the networking was fantastic.”
– Cindy Spencer
Institutional Banking Controller, Mellon Financial Corporation
“The most relevant and meaningful conference I have gone to. The conference struck the right balance between practitioners vs. theory, vendors vs. users. Great job!”
– Anthony Rees
Financial Analysis Manager, State of Minnesota
“Every year I take away actionable ideas I can use to improve my own organization.”
– Stephen Duch
Financial Manager, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
“This is by far my favorite conference to attend and the most informative IT conference available.”
– Kay Gonzalez
IT Hardware Asset Manager, Siemens Power Generation, Inc.
“Some of the conference take aways were: identifying common practices, networking with people, finding solutions, reducing cost by knowing issues in advance, identifying IT relationships with almost every aspect of business, and learning best practices to improve earnings.”
– Touraj Iranipour
IT Business Manager, Raytheon Company
“What I love about ITFMA conferences is that they are predominantly ‘by practitioners, for practitioners.’ Even tool discussions and consulting aspects are looked at from a practitioner’s lens.”
– Sujoy Mukherjee
Business Solutions Architect, Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.
“Much better than Gartner conferences.”
– Dwight Schlenker
Manager, United Health
“This is the best source of continuing professional education credits that I have found in my career. Even in tough economic times, it’s easy to justify the cost of attending this conference!”
– Marsha Watkins
Business Manager, The Ohio State University
“Twenty years in IT Finance and this is the best conference attended!”
– Michael Kiely
Senior Director of IT Finance, Marriott Vacation Club International