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Seattle Local Attractions

The Mayflower Park Hotel is right next door to the Sound Transit Light Rail system at Westlake Center. The Seattle Light Rail connection to SeaTac airport is approximately 40 minutes long with 11 Seattle area stops. The Pike Place Market and Seattle’s waterfront are just a short five-minute walk away. On the top level of the next door Westlake Center is the Monorail Terminal for transportation to the Seattle Center, the Space Needle and Experience Music Project. Seattle has many unique points of interests people identify with. Here are a few ideas and links to help you plan your visit.

Seattle Icons


Amongst the best things about Seattle are the wonderful mountain and water views. Here are links to some of the best places to enjoy Seattle's views.

  • Columbia Tower Observation Deck
    There is an observation deck on the 73rd floor of Columbia Tower, at 701 Fifth Avenue, which offers views of Seattle and environs, along with a Starbucks coffee shop.

  • Smith Tower Observation Deck
    The Smith Tower was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Its location near the downtown waterfront and Pioneer Square provides fantastic views of the City.

  • Space Needle Observation Deck
    On the grounds of Seattle Center, the Space Needle Observation Deck provides 360 degree views from 520 feet above sea level. You can also view the webcam from the top of the space needle at this site.

  • Viewpoints
    There are lovely viewpoints all over the City maintained by the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation. This site provides a comprehensive list of viewpoints with photos and directions.

Downtown Seattle and Waterfront