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Readings in IT Financial Management

This is the first book written about IT Financial Management and is the first volume of ITFMA's series of books on IT Financial Management. This 360-page book is the most comprehensive collection of articles on the subject. There are articles on every significant financial discipline as they apply to IT organizations such as asset management, benchmarking techniques and measurements, distributed processing financial management, expense control, financial management overview, financial planning, investment management, outsourcing, performance measurement and management, financially managing IT as a business, service level management, strategic planning financials, project and application development financial management, and other IT financial management topics.

More Readings in IT Financial Management

This 342-page book is the second volume of ITFMA's series of books on IT Financial Management with more articles addressing the various financial practices and procedures used in IT organizations.

Readings in Chargeback for Information Technology

This book is the most comprehensive collection of articles published on chargeback and activity based cost (ABC) management for IT organizations. This 404-page book is the largest collection of articles on the following aspects of chargeback and ABC: value and effectiveness of chargeback, design and implementation of chargeback, how to chargeback (units of measure), product costing for chargeback, activity based costing for chargeback, resource usage measurement and forecasting, resource rate determination, chargeback for distributed processing, chargeback for data telecommunications, chargeback for voice telecommunications, chargeback for systems support and programmers.

Chargeback and IT Cost Accounting

This 368-page book written by Terence Quinlan, founder of ITFMA, is the most comprehensive book on the subject. The chapters cover:

  • IT Financial Management Systems
  • IT Organization — Functions and Resources
  • Evaluation and Design of IT Cost Accounting
  • Characteristics of the IT Transfer Pricing System
  • Data Capture, Selection of Resource Usage Measurements, and Capacity Planning
  • Systems Support Cost
  • Resource Unit Cost Development
  • Transfer Pricing Issues
  • Product Cost Accounting
  • Fixed and Variable Cost